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How to get started with an ERP system change | Delving into SAP business one

When considering an ERP system change, our structured process encompasses stages such as discovery, budgetary estimation, demonstration, and proposal, ensuring that you can make an informed decision. With over 20 years of experience in selling and implementing SAP Business One ERP software for small and mid-sized businesses, we possess a comprehensive understanding of the factors that drive businesses to consider a shift in their ERP systems.

07 Feb 2024 | 3
How to get started with an ERP system change | Delving into SAP business one

When to consider transitioning your ERP system?

Workflow automation involves using technology to automate manual tasks, processes, and procedures within an organization. It is about creating a structured sequence of actions that are executed automatically based on predefined rules, triggers, or events. Here’s why workflow automation is so crucial for businesses today:

  • Aspire for streamlined access to business data, trends, and information.
  • Aim to enhance productivity by automating business processes more effectively.
  • Anticipate venturing into new markets or introducing new products.
  • Manage a growing business where current system capabilities lag behind increasing needs.
  • Encounter the necessity to migrate from an unsupported infrastructure or outdated software application.

You may be struggling with your existing system and are uncertain about how to initiate a change and you don’t want to feel like you’re being “sold.” We offer a solution through a straightforward process for delving into SAP Business One.

How to initiate an ERP system change?

We offer a straightforward process that guides you through the assessment and decision-making for transitioning to a new ERP system. This uncomplicated four-step approach involves a discovery meeting, a budgetary estimate, a demo, and a proposal. This ensures transparency and empowers you to make informed decisions. At each step, we reassess and collectively decide whether it is sensible to proceed.

Discovery meeting:

In this phase, we gather comprehensive details about your business, including the number of employees, geographic locations, and the nature of your business activities. We delve into the specifics of your current software, its functionalities, and the challenges you face. The primary goal is to identify the gaps between your existing system and your business needs.

Budgetary estimate:

Based on the insights gathered, we provide a summary and propose a solution that incorporates SAP Business One software along with any additional software or enhancements required to meet your specific needs. Pricing details for software, implementation services, training, and optional cloud hosting are presented.


If the budgetary estimate aligns with your expectations, we proceed with a demonstration to showcase the software’s capabilities. During this session, we explain our implementation methodology, illustrating everything from software installation to employee training.


Following the demo, we prepare a formal proposal, scheduling a meeting to review it together. The proposal outlines our project methodology, services, software, final pricing, payment schedule, and any other relevant details. Only upon acceptance of the proposal are agreements signed, and the project officially commences.
When you’ve decided to change your ERP, we assist in determining if SAP Business One is the right solution for your next steps. With a proven track record in over 75,000 small and mid-sized businesses worldwide, SAP Business One is a reliable ERP solution. Contact Nobl Q and initiate the process with a discovery call to explore if SAP Business One aligns with your needs.

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