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SAP business bydesign for “avocados from mexico”

Avocados From Mexico (AFM) coordinates the marketing activities for Mexican avocado growers, exporters, and importers, to grow the overall avocado market in the US. With the help of ERP Logic, AFM deployed SAP Business ByDesign and Concur to realize their goal of connecting with a variety of consumer groups in innovative ways.

07 Feb 2024 | 2
SAP business bydesign for “avocados from mexico”

Key results

  • 50% Less time spent in expense input processes.
  • Reduced number of days required to close monthly operations to under 3 (goal was under 5).


AFM had an elementary accounting system. It lacked an operational ecosystem, and the platform was not able to accommodate the explosive growth which AFM was experiencing. The system didn’t have the ability to customize fields to extract data or gather the appropriate analytics to improve expenditures. The expensing process was time-consuming due to input of multiple lines to account for currency exchanges.


AFM was looking for a cloud-based solution that could be customized with modules, gave them internal control & had periodic updates. After evaluating several cloud ERP providers in the industry, AFM considered Nobl Q as an ideal partner to collaborate with, to begin with the project.
Nobl Q listened to AFM concerns, was quick to understand their needs, and proposed fitting solutions. The decision to implement SAP Business ByDesign was made in large part thanks to Nobl Q.

“With SAP Business ByDesign, we have the right structure in place to continue growing. With this technology and the work in partnership with Nobl Q, we’re well-positioned for the future”
Miguel Molina, CFO/VP Accounting-Finance, Avocados From Mexico

Value-driven results

From excel to CRM

After implementing SAP Business ByDesign AFM was able to use the CRM module for the Foodservice channel and move from Excel to CRM (it’s not used in the traditional way since they don’t have sales, but it helps to keep track of and report opportunities).

Increased speed and improved efficiency

Speed and ease of running expense operations daily as well as peace of mind in remaining compliant. AI for travel expenses helped to have budget control and ability to look for efficiencies in expenditures.

Seamless transition

Seamlessly transitioned to 100% remote work due to COVID-19 while increasing productivity (online approvals, ACH, etc.), and enabling the marketing team to pivot marketing programs to fit new normal.

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