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Empowering global consulting leader with automated excellence

As one of the Top 4 Global consulting firms, our client faced challenges with a non-standardized onboarding process that resulted in a plethora of manual steps. This impacted user experience, caused errors, and hindered the productivity of both employees and new hires. We stepped in to transform their onboarding processes and enhance the overall employee service experience.

07 Feb 2024 | 2
Empowering global consulting leader with automated excellence

Challenges faced by the client:

  • Non-standardized onboarding process leading to numerous manual steps.
  • Tedious onboarding processes affecting user experience and causing errors.
  • Lack of a centralized point of contact overseeing the candidate/new employee experience.

We leveraged our servicenow expertise to craft a comprehensive solution:

Standardized onboarding lifecycle: We implemented a ServiceNow HR Service Delivery process with 10 activity sets and over 50 pre-configured tasks, covering every step of the onboarding journey.

Enhanced employee service center: We deployed the Employee Service Center, empowering new hires with self-service capabilities and centralized access to onboarding resources.

Extensive documentation & training: We provided detailed process documentation and training for the HR team, ensuring smooth adoption and ongoing proficiency.

The benefits reaped:

  • Streamlined workflows and automation minimized manual work, enabling new hires to be productive 20% faster.
  • The unified and automated process offered a smooth and engaging onboarding journey, boosting satisfaction by 35%.
  •  Automated tasks and standardized procedures minimized errors, leading to a 50% decrease in onboarding-related issues.
  •  A designated point of contact and consistent information flow ensured clear communication and reduced confusion.


By eliminating the inefficiencies in the onboarding process, our client, one of the Top 4 Global consulting firms, experienced a transformative journey toward enhanced productivity and user satisfaction. The standardized onboarding lifecycle, coupled with the Employee Service Center enhancements, created a foundation for streamlined HR operations. We continue to empower organizations, ensuring they thrive in an environment where efficiency, automation, and user experience are paramount.

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